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Pretaxi Taxi Services of Eindhoven

All our taxi services in the region of Eindhoven are performed with high quality vehicles and highly trained, skilled and representative drivers. With us you are assured that you arrive on time at their destination. We provide suitable transport.


Our airport service from Eindhoven to Schiphol (€149) or other airport stands for service and quality. You will be dropped off at the departure gates. We keep your flight closely watched.


Pretaxi has several 8 seater minivans which we can transport groups. If you want to travel with a group, there are several possibilities.

Our Fleets

Services & Rates

Vanaf Omgeving Eindhoven tm 4 personen tm 6 personen tm 8 personen
Amsterdam Schiphol € 149 € 159 € 169
Schiphol € 149 € 159 € 169
Brussel Zaventem € 149 € 159 € 169
Düsseldorf € 149 € 159 € 169
Eindhoven Airport € 25 € 35 € 45
Weeze € 99 € 109 € 119
Rotterdam Airport € 139 € 149 € 159
Frankfurt a.M; € 299 € 309 € 319
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One of the most common forms of contract transport is the transport of children, the so-called pupil transportation. pretaxi brings many children to school daily and from there back home, after school care, or institution. Another form of contract transport transporting your staff for your business or a remote location: Ask for a quote.


At pretaxi you also have the opportunity to make a price agreement at distances of 30 km or more. Price fixing can be easily made via the centrald.


With us you can use your debit or credit card safely. In all our cabs is a mobile ATM present which you can withdraw. Payment is fast and secure, and you won’t have to ask yourself if you have enough money with you.